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We offer:

*Individual discipling 

*Christian counseling

*Marital and Family Counseling

*Christian education and studies


*Resources for your church and small group, and for individuals.


We walk with you one-on-one as you discover an intimate, personal and conversational relationship with Jesus.  

We help you uncover what may be in the way of that type of relationship with Christ, learn to recognize the voice of God and separate His voice from other "inner noise," and experience the transformation that comes through intimately knowing Him.

We walk beside you as you seek to learn from Jesus Who He is, and who He says you are.

We help you identify lies that you believe that hinder knowing Jesus, and battle against the enemy on your behalf as you listen for truth from Jesus to replace those lies.

Educational Opportunities

Opportunities for your small group, organization, or church include: 

learning to reconnect with Jesus; 

inner healing prayer; 

responding to grief, both from the perspective of the ones experiencing loss and from the perspective of those ministering to those who are grieving; 

parenting your children the way God parents His children; 

creating and sustaining marriages that reflect Christ's love; 

dealing with traumatic experiences in a way that prevents the trauma from defining your life; 

special topic studies, such as the story of Joseph, the Kingdom of God as seen through the parables, Paul's letters, Revelation study, and others upon request.