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Cody's Vision

Cody believed discipling needed to take place individually, one-on-one. His desire was not for the Foundation to take the place of the church or the role of the church, but to provide something unique that the church is unable to offer, due to congregation size, pastor or volunteer availability, or other factors. He saw the process taking place over a period of time. It is, therefore, a commitment of time and energy.

Discipling, Cody believed, needed to be individualized for each person. However, he envisioned a process that begins with breaking down any beliefs that get in the way of connection with Jesus, whether those beliefs are about Who God is, or who the individual is in Christ. Then, through prayer and sharing with the leader, the individual disciple can begin to see for himself or herself Who Jesus is REALLY. Each person is led to meet with and talk with and listen to and get to know Jesus intimately. The focal question of the experience is: "Ask Jesus. What does He say?"

The leader walks beside the disciple, much in the same way as occurred in the early church, providing support, guidance, and encouragement. But, for Cody, the Teacher is always Jesus. The Cody Lane Foundation will always follow that premise. Disciples will learn what Jesus teaches them directly and personally.

"Nor are you to be called 'teacher,' for you have one Teacher, the Christ." (Matthew 23:10, NIV)