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Strength in our Story

Strength in our Story is an 8-week Bible study of the story of Joseph, designed to help you discover healing and hope in life’s darkest moments. Everyone can relate to some aspect of Joseph’s story, making studying his story a very relevant experience for us all. Now, more than ever, we need authentic answers and genuine hope. Through the use of these materials, individuals are able to gain context for life experiences and events, find healing, and build God-focused communities. As a result of the fallen nature of this world, all of us have experienced wounding repeatedly through ongoing neglect, betrayal, and injustice, which are like waves crashing against the shore, eroding the soul, redefining the individual’s true identity, and trapping the individual in a prison of lies. Many of us have experienced specific traumatic events in our lives, and everyone has experienced loss. Using the story of Joseph as the base story for this study, we will look at the personal experience of trauma and loss over time, and the wounding of the heart and soul that results. In healing the soul, restoring the true identity, and removing the lie beliefs through reinterpretation of painful circumstances, the strength in our story may be seen.

A Facilitator Guide and Participant's Manual are both available for purchase through Amazon:

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Restored Christianity, Second Edition

Restored Christianity uses Paul's letters as the earliest known Christian writings to restore Christianity to its original intended beliefs, challenging some currently held beliefs within the church and presenting Biblical support for changing those beliefs.  The 2nd Edition is now available through Amazon.com, in paperback and Kindle editions.  The book includes 200 additional pages of content, including a new chapter on prayer. Order yours today!

Restored Christianity on Amazon

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Wilderness Meditations

Wilderness Meditations is a 40-day devotional book for use during Lent, fasting, or spiritual growth, written by Donna E. Lane, Ph.D.  During prayer, Dr. Lane received a prompting from Jesus to write as a Lenten sacrifice of praise, instead of doing the more typical Lenten sacrifice of giving up something like a specific food or activity. Each morning, she would rise early, spend time in prayer and meditation, and then write what she felt the Lord was leading her to say for that day. As a result, the book contains devotions for each of the 40 days of Lent, along with devotions for Palm Sunday and Easter. Even though the book was designed for use over Lent as a journey toward deeper relationship with Jesus in preparation for the celebration of Easter, it is also appropriate for times of fasting, and for general spiritual growth and development. It can be used individually, or in small groups as a study guide, as well as for spiritual growth retreats. The focus of the devotions is on discovering the nature of God, developing an intimate, personal connection with Jesus, deepening your prayer life, and gaining a greater understanding of truth. Each devotion includes a theme for meditation for that day, all centering on the character of Christ. Each devotion and meditation can be easily completed in about 15 minutes, facilitating the reader's ability to complete the readings daily, even for those with busy schedules; however, for those individuals who want to deepen the experience, ample Scripture verses and opportunity for deeper reflection is available, as well as space for taking notes and exploring in prayer the themes presented.
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Christian Marriage Workbook

A Christian workbook for couples - now available on Amazon!

Please Share the Door, I'm Freezing: Creating Oneness in Marriage
by Donna E. Lane, Ph.D. and W. David Lane, Ph.D.

Order today on Amazon.com; also available in Kindle format.

Christian Marriage Workbook on Amazon

Contact the Lanes through email for more information on marriage seminars and workbook presentations.

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Gold Stone

Gold Stone is a children's book for all ages, teaching through parable and symbolism that we are who God created us to be, and not who our experiences say that we are. It is written specifically to help individuals who have experienced trauma to write their own stories for their lives, rather than allowing their traumatic experiences to write their stories for them.  It is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and many other outlets.

Gold Stone on Amazon

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Trauma Narrative Treatment

In response to the need for brief trauma treatment in Haiti following the devastating earthquake, the Lanes developed this narrative treatment model for groups, using a wide range of elements from narrative therapy and trauma research to create a comprehensive program that addresses the variety of issues resulting from trauma, including immediate shock, grief and loss, loss of sense of self, fragmentation of memory, feelings of false guilt and self-blame, rage and powerlessness, and spiritual questioning, to aid trauma sufferers in constructing a new story for their lives based on who they are instead of based on the trauma they experienced.  The workbook is designed for use in conjunction with the story, Gold Stone.