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Counseling Services

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In addition to Discipleship, we offer individual, marital, and family Christian counseling services.  For individual Christian counseling, Dr. Donna Lane uses a prayer-centered approach to counseling, with a goal of individual healing of the root causes of whatever issues brought the client to counseling, and from the wounds of the past.    

To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Donna Lane at 770-845-8130.

Christian Counseling

Dr. Donna Lane's areas of specialty include recovery from trauma and abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, spiritual abuse, and toxic religion.  She works with adults, children, and adolescents.  Her approach was developed through prayer, and teaching from Jesus based on Genesis 3 (the consequences of the fall of man).  Dr. Lane assists her clients in uncovering which of three main types of lies they believe about themselves, about others, and/or about life:  the lies include Self lies (a belief that I can be like God, judging my value and worth), Shame lies (a belief that one is bad in their personhood, and an assignment of fault for that state of being), and Fear lies (a belief in control).  Once the lies are uncovered, Dr. Lane helps her clients take each lie directly to the Author of Truth through prayer, to listen and receive His truth to replace each false belief.  Finally, clients focus with God on learning more about Who He is, and on learning about who He made them to be.  Healing and freedom come through experiencing God's truth in a personal and meaningful way, and growing in closeness with and reliance on God.  

For marriage counseling, Dr. Donna Lane and Dr. David Lane co-lead the sessions, with the focus on developing a deeper relationship with Christ and with each other through prayer, communication, and mutual support.  


About the Lanes

Dr. David Lane is Professor of Counseling at Mercer University, and coordinator of the doctoral program in counseling at Mercer.  Dr. Donna Lane is adjunct professor of counseling at Mercer University, and assistant professor of counseling at Liberty University, along with her work at Cody Lane Foundation.  Together, they co-authored a Christian marriage workbook, a trauma treatment workbook, and a bible study guide entitled Strength in our Story based on the story of Joseph, along with several children's stories, and numerous articles on issues such as grief, trauma treatment, and marital counseling.  They have also served as keynote speakers and have led local, national and international workshops on trauma, grief, marriage, early childhood education, and toxic religion.  Dr. Donna Lane is the author of Wilderness Meditations, a 40-day devotional specifically for Lent and periods of fasting, and with her son, Hayden Lane, she co-authored Restored Christianity, a challenge to return to the earliest beliefs of Christianity as expressed in Paul's letters.